About us

ARFO GROUP S.p.A. is an Italian jewelry manufacturing company located in Arezzo, Tuscany area (Italian Precious Metals Identification No. 955AR).

We are a certified company for the quality of the precious metals fineness and for the traceability of the jewelry entirely manufactured in Italy.

Our group manufactures gold and silver jewelry according to the best Italian goldsmith tradition since the beginning of the 60s.

Our production consists in machine and hand-made chains (massive and hollow), fancy bracelets and necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, pendants and semi-finished products (clasps, spare, parts, etc.) in gold/Au 917/22K - 875/21K - 800/19K - 750/18K - 585/14K - 417/10K - 375/9K - 333/8K and sterling silver/Ag 925.

Among our main customers there are some large distribution companies including the Purchasing Head Dept. of the biggest department-stores.

We are official distributors of Unoaerre® wedding-rings and Argor-Heraeus® bars in gold/Au 999.9 in any weight-size.

We are Professional Operators in Gold duly registered in the Register at the Bank of Italy under No. 5000765.

In the fine gold investment business we offer sale and re-purchase services through ContoOro® which is an account where all movements of fine gold and the quantity of fine gold bars owned by the holder are recorded. Any ContoOro® owner can make gold transactions on-line. All ContoOro® operations are free of charges. The fine gold we deal with is physically represented by ingots (gold bars) of pure gold 999.9 various weight-sizes.